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"I walked into DiPaolo Physical Therapy with strong pain in my calf, an injury from training for a trail marathon. After 2 days of laser therapy, vibration therapy and advanced manual therapy, I feel 100% better!"
Dec 14, 2017
"Dr. Tom and his staff are totally professional and friendly. I have a significant improvement with range of motion and flexibility in my back and knees. It feels great to walk up and down the stairs normally instead of one step at a time."
Nov 30, 2017
"I found it very helpful."
Nov 30, 2017
"Treatment and physical therapy have strengthened my legs and knees. They feel stronger now and now I know how to keep them strong."
Nov 20, 2017
"Dr. Tom a very professional and thorough doctor, helped immensely with my progress to a full recovery of my bulging disc in my right leg. On each visit to Dr. Tom, I was asked of my progress, how I felt, any complaints, how I was progressing and where I was in my recovery. Thanks to everyone at DiPaolo Physical Therapy."
Nov 20, 2017
"I originally went to Dr. Tom for sciatica pain. I received excellent care from a highly skilled practitioner. Dr. Tom is very knowledgeable, as is the staff. After several visit I saw a vast improvement in my pain, now, after 20 visits my pain is just about gone Its a very friendly and clean environment and if you are looking for a PT that knows what he is doing and will listen and address your particular needs, I highly recommend DiPaolo PT. "
Nov 02, 2017
"DiPaolo physical therapy is a very comfortable and friendly environment , very helpful excersices and movements ! 5 star expeience ! "
Oct 24, 2017
"Dr. Tom, is one of the most professional and knowledable therapists I've had. I'm so happy I've found him and can already feel a difference after just a few sessions! "
Sep 13, 2017
"The office and staff are neat, clean & organized. Thomas DiPaolo has a great ear to really listen to the patients pain and needs. He really is a life changer, and will get you right back to feeling like a teenager again! Thanks DiPaolo Physical Therapy"
Sep 13, 2017
"After my seventieth birthday in April, my long-dormant disk problem reactivated with searing lower back pain and sciatica. After putting up with the pain for a couple of weeks, my wife convinced me to make an appointment. Dr. Tom started me on core-strengthening exercises which have been very effective in reducing my lower back and leg pain, and increasing my mobility. Progress has been slow, but been steady, and most of the pain has subsided. I’m a relatively active septuagenarian, and I’m looking forward to getting back to the gym, the golf course, and long walks with my wife. Dr. Tom is a great listener, and thankfully has a high tolerance for my puns and bad jokes. "
Aug 15, 2017
"Dr. DiPaolo is so great at what he does! I was able to recover from sports related injuries in a timely manner without any further issues. His office is a good atmosphere with a very helpful staff, all of whom accommodate to meet your scheduling needs. Awesome place for PT! "
Jul 15, 2017
"Dr.DiPaolo was referred to me by a friend. Walking into the office I felt comfortable and welcomed. I was referred to him because I was diagnosed with a severely strained muscle between my left abdomen and my left lower back. He sat me down and discussed what type of pain I was having, how severe it was and what my expectations should be. He is not your typical doctor. He is very friendly and is engaged into what you are discussing with him. After going through several different treatments during my visit, I had felt relief in the pain. I will continue to see the doctor until I am comfortable with knowing the pain is completely gone and the muscle is healed. "
Jun 06, 2017
"Excellent care from a highly skilled practitioner! Tom is very knowledgeable, and the environment is inviting and friendly. If you are seeking quality therapeutic care to address a variety of muscle or joint conditions, I highly recommend DiPaolo PT! "
Jun 05, 2017