Fanwood Physical Therapy Specialist

It May Surprise You, but Not All Physical Therapy is the Same in the Fanwood Area

Are you in pain and looking for an exceptional physical therapist?

Dr. DiPaolo, PT, DPT, CFC is One of Two CF Certified Physical Therapists in New Jersey

Health care isn’t like it used to be. What sets us apart is that we haven’t compromised our values.

  • Dr. DiPaolo takes the time to personally get to know you
  • He will do a thorough 30-60 minute evaluation & physical exam
  • He will take the time to explain your diagnosis
  • You will be provided you with a custom rehab program tailored to your specific needs

Providing Cutting-Edge Care is What We Do Every Day

Dr. DiPaolo, PT, DPT, CFC is trained at a higher level than most physical therapists. Here’s what makes him different:

  • Specialization in the treatment of jaw pain, headaches, neck pain and shoulder pain
  • Every treatment is one-on-one with Dr. DiPaolo
  • Dr. DiPaolo provides extensive education about what you should be doing at home too

Convenient Appointments & Almost All Insurance Plans are Accepted

We accept most insurance plans like Medicare, Worker’s Compensation, and a variety of private insurance plans. When you call, we will verify your insurance benefits before you start any treatment.

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