Dr. Tom is super creative in finding new movements to keep me challenged at every session.

– Kristine Baker

With my crazy schedule, it’s usually hard for me to make appointments anywhere, but DiPaolo Physical Therapy gets me in the office every time.

– Ruben Pagan

After I broke my ankle, Dr. Tom got me walking again right away and without pain.

– Geisha Maldonado

Dr. Tom and his staff are so nice, I really enjoy my therapy appointments.

– Deb Robbins

I feel great after going to DiPaolo Physical Therapy. Dr. Tom always provides exercises that activate and challenge key muscles that your typical routine won’t target.

– Andy Krapsho

Getting old stinks, but Dr. Tom got me to the point where I can pick up groceries and get dressed again without pain.

– Rick Pena

I love working with Dr.Tom. He is extremely knowledgeable, clearly explains the likely reasons for my symptoms, and works with me to get the most out of each session.

– Carlos Peruyera